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Home sweet home.

It actually never quite feels that way upon my arrival back into South Africa. I walked into my house yesterday after an 11 week absence and thought, “Huh, it looks bare in here.” Maybe it’s the fact that I am 34 weeks pregnant, had been traveling for 3 days, and had no luggage thanks to British Airways; but excitement about returning home eluded me this time. It could also be that we have never returned to a house that looks even remotely similar to how we left it. Upon returning from our first trip back to the US in 2003, we had no grass on our lawn due to our two great dane puppies who, at the time, had very obnoxious intentions. In 2004 before leaving for 9 months, we had to pack our whole house up and send our precious great danes to the kennels. We returned to find that the house had been rented to two prostitutes who (of course) were prostituting themselves from our house. They were very dirty prostitutes. Things had been broken, battered, splattered and cursed upon. I guess it might not be any wonder that upon our return yesterday I knew it would take me a couple of days to warm up to life in my house again. I already have a mile long list in my mind comprised of items like “wash windows” and “repaint skirting boards.” But, with some newly bought candles burning and a great dane snoozing by my side, it might not take long before this house becomes my home again.


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