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Robot Chaos

Thobe chillin’ in the bush.

Today I would like to delve into one of my many frustrations with South African drivers. It is a well-understood fact in Durban that traffic lights, here known as “robots,” are out of order at least once a week for hours on end. Often as you approach a robot you will be greeted by red blinking lights or a hunk of metal staring colorlessly back at you. This would not be a catastrophe, except that South Africans seem to have no concept of four way stop etiquette. Ben was recently stuck in traffic near our house because a stoplight was out and people coming from the other direction just kept coming… for 45 minutes! It is terrible, but true. Yesterday I was at yet another blinking stoplight and people were going ten at a time from one side. Cars had to creep half way into the intersection, forming a blockade, so that traffic from the other side would “get the drift” and stop so they could go. I frustratingly call the whole fiasco “mission impossible.” Whenever I approach the blinking lights the mission impossible theme song races though my mind and all I can think about is completing my mission and getting my family safely to the other side. “Your mission, should you choose to accept it… getting through the intersection alive. Your coffee mug and this message will self destruct in 30 seconds.”

Remind me to tell you sometime about the truck drivers that act like they are driving a mini.


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Rivers and Tides

This man inspires me. Wouldn’t you love to run around in the woods all day making insanely creative and inspiring pieces of art? I sure would.

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Here’s the thing…

It has been one insane month. Make that two months. We have had non-stop people… we have been driving to people’s weddings, 21st celebrations and student camps. We have hosted so many people from overseas that I have lost count. These are people that I love, but they are still people. For a self professed introvert, it has been enough to drive me batty. Fortunately, there are moments like this one shared with Myles. Moments of sanity, moments of quiet. Moments to connect to nature, to God, to the people I hold dear. That said, all this busyness has led me to do something that even the birth of my first child could not… blog. I need some form of connection to my family, who are my roots, and some way to unwind from my people packed existence. Do I need readers? No. My family doesn’t even need to read this, I know that it is aimed in their general direction, and that’s what counts. Despite the fact that my last entry was in 2006, maybe blogging will become a habitual thing with me. Let’s see, shall we?

My boy-better

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