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What I do.

So often in life we are defined by what it is we “do” during the daylight hours. For more than 6 years I have not had a clear-cut answer to that question. Wife. Mother. Counselor. Leader. Event Planner. Project manager. Graphic designer.  Chef.  Creative contributor. The list goes on. The lack of a specific 9-5 job has allowed me to be defined not by what I “do,” but rather by who I am. This is not to say that I haven’t struggled with the vast openness of an undefined role, I have, but mostly I am grateful that I spent my 20’s deciding who I was, not what I do. And, typical of God, just as I was feeling close to satisfied with who I am, he throws a new thing to “do” my way. Lou-Lou and I are starting a coffee shop. Our goal is to serve the best cup of coffee in Durban, and we are getting there… quickly. This year has been about new stuff for me. Myles is in playschool. I am starting a business. The house is a new color. You get the picture. I just hope that I can hold on to who I am as I “do,” for the first time in my working career, a specifically defined role.



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Class photo. Day one! Myles is the little chap in his teacher’s lap.

Leaving the little bugger was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

Although, during day two I suddenly felt as if I had misplaced a piece of myself. I missed him sorely.

Tomorrow, on what would be day three, Myles will stay home.

He has a chest cough that scares me out of bed at night, and I think he needs a day to lay low.

Myles has also managed to get Ben sick, so I will be taking care of two sick boys and overseeing a construction site tomorrow. More on that later.

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my shoes

Once in awhile after being mommy non-stop to a toddler for months on end, I feel the need to return to womanhood and buy myself somethin’ pretty. Something that will remind me of the days when I could stay clean for 8 hours on end, have a conversation while actually looking at the person I am talking to, and think only about feeding myself. This time my victim was a pair of 3 (or maybe 4) inch wedges in a funky retro yellow. They are completely not practical, but they do make me feel like a real woman again, not like the multi-faceted supermom that I am! Sometime soon I will put aside the cape and mop and be a yellow shoe wearing civilian for an evening… or at least for as long as my feet can hold out.

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