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We are trying, at Urban Grounds Coffee Emporium, to produce the best cup of coffee in Durban, and hopefully one of the best in the world. This venture is not only about being coffee evangelists to Southern Africa, it is also about people. Providing something unique and good to the community, and providing a few with jobs. Our company is centered around giving back to the community and the world, in little ways… a step at a time. Here’s a pic of one of our best drinks called the Bar One (popular candy bar here) Mocha, common to Americans, a novelty to South Africans. Logo, photo, and artistic direction done by the in-house designer… me.



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Monkey patrol

Yesterday my two great danes chased monkeys out of the garden and then proceeded to “patrol” for the rest of the day. Well, at least Ella patrolled. Durbie lay on her big green pillow dreaming, I am sure, about catching monkeys.

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My boys.


Two of the best men that I know. Ben is away for 5 days at a Nav conference.  It is day one about 4 hours in and I already miss him. Tomorrow the play-school is closed for Easter and Myles is supposed to be watched at home by his teacher from school, but true to South African style she is driving me nuts because I can’t get a hold of her to confirm about tomorrow. The coffee shop, while amazing, is taking all my energy right now. We have little to no family time, and it is beginning to wear on me. I love being with my boys, and I feel guilty almost every second that I am not with Myles. I want him to be proud of me for what I am making of my life and giving back to others, and yet I miss having him at the center of my world.

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I am sad to say that we do not have much time left with our beautiful great dane, Durbie. She is suffering from advanced hip dysplasia, and we are fairly certain it will claim he life within the year. For now we are loving on her, giving her all the pain meds and treats she can handle, and hoping for the best. Hip dysplasia is fairly preventable if you buy from a reputable breeder who has handled the dane bloodlines with care, but every once in awhile it crops up anyway. If you are ever considering a great dane as a pet, please make sure you buy from a reputable breeder who’s references include generations of healthy dogs. In the case of Durbie we were first time dane owners who could not spot a backyard breeder when we saw one. He disguised himself well, he belonged to all the right associations and even had the references, but he was to distant from the breeding of  his dogs. He has since been baned from the great dane association of south africa.

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lipstick Myles

I must admit that I think my child is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Of course you are thinking that it is every mother’s obligation to believe this, which is probably true, but cliches aside… I still believe it. He is passionate (a nice word for stubborn) and headstrong (a fairly nice word for stubborn), but he has a beautiful spirit. Even when he has stuck his finger into my tube of lipstick and proceeded to cover his whole body in it, I find myself lost in his beautiful brown eyes. My Italian friend Sergio can’t stop repeating the word “bella” when in the presence of Myles, and I would have to agree with him. I guess Sergio and I are just a little smitten.

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