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Greening up

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of green. Even more than being a fan of green, I love bringing the outdoors in. I drool over spaces that move seamlessly from outdoor to indoor. But, if you don’t have that kind of space, why not bring the outdoors in with this ultra cool planter?
If you are in America, you can buy it here. If you are in other parts of the world, go “creativor” and figure out how to build your own!


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I love this!

Nothing can inspire creativity more than seeing someone’s masterpiece. This made me smile and wonder how many frames this incredible stop motion video by Israeli artist, Oren Lavi contains!

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You have a life?

I got a phone call earlier this week from bff, fellow schemer and business partner Lou-Lou, check out her blog here. She was phoning to ask me for branding and design help in the launch of her new business, Gud-e-nuf.

Here’s how the convo went:

L: Hi. Check your email.

K: What?


K: Umm, I can’t. I’m out.

L: You have a life?


Lou-Lou had struck a cord, and I did not have to think about why. All week I had been moping around thinking about how I don’t DO anything significant. Since the close of Urban Grounds in November I have had a much more flexible schedule than I have had in years. This is fantastic in so many ways, and overwhelming in others. I am attempting to live life to the fullest, enriching myself and others along the way. This can take many forms, but all in all it is not nearly as concrete as running a business was.  I am trying to escape the waiting place that Dr. Seuss mentions in my favorite book Oh the Places You’ll Go. What is the use of waiting, for the phone to ring us in a new baby or Ikea to come to Africa? Today I feel much better,  I’ve found the bright place and that Boom Band is playing just for me.

“You can get so confused

that you’ll start in to race

down long wiggled roads at a break neck pace

and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,

headed, I fear, toward the most useless place.

The Waiting Place…

for people just waiting…


That’s not for you!

Somehow you’ll escape

all that waiting and staying.

You’ll find the bright places

where Boom Bands are playing.”

FYI, Lou-Lou and I are still fantastic friends and no amount of hanging up on each other could change that. Here’s the beginning of my work for her. She said I could keep these earrings if I photographed them. Score!


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Gone Froggin’

For years we have been plagued by frogs. When we returned from the States in September, we “relocated” 28 frogs from our pool area. They sometimes croak so loudly that we can not hear ourselves think, let alone hear the television or talk to someone on the phone. Whenever it’s froggin’ season we are faced with mating pairs of frogs in the pool, frog eggs in the pool, frogs popping up at odd moments and scaring the pants off us and the late night serenades. I won’t elaborate on exactly how we relocate the frogs, lets just say the process involves lots of shouting, flashlights, two very excited great danes and a steep drop. I have to admit, despite that fact that I KNOW there is a world “frog shortage,” I can’t help thinking violent thoughts involving a bee-be gun about these frogs. The frog shortage only applies to South American rain forest-like frogs… right?

Despite all that, the baby ones really are quite cute. Ben and I found this little guy swimming around in the pool yesterday (no, he had not spent his life until that point in our pool). We “rescued” him and then decided that he should be the subject of a spontaneous photo shoot. Myles then woke up from his nap and really wanted to play with the “baby froggie.” The photo shoot ended pretty quickly when Myles’ hands began getting repeatedly close to “baby froggie.” He was released back into the wild to croak another day… the frog that is, not Myles.


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Photos I love.

Seeing as it was just Valentines Day, I thought I would post a FEW of my favorite photos. I am a habitual clicker, immensely preferring to be behind a camera instead of in front of it.

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The waiting.

“In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.” The Zanders, The Art of Possibility

The context in this case is a family open and waiting to see the next member of their family. Instead of viewing this process as a goal that needs achieving and has an endpoint, I am attempting to view this as part of the journey of life. Every moment is part of the process. Maybe we shouldn’t be waiting, because we are already journeying. Slowly and surely on a pilgrimage towards the day when we are united with our next child. Pregnancy had a very real endpoint, one that I could physically SEE drawing closer. This journey of adoption is more fluid and abstract, and yet no less concrete in its outcome than a pregnancy. I refuse to wait anxiously for the next phone call, its like waiting for a belly baby to kick or a cat to come when you call… it never happens when you want it to. Instead I will hope in God’s universal wisdom and ask for plenty of it.

Yesterday we did recieve a call. It was from one of the crisis moms who is providing a home for a little girl we inquired about. When we originally inquired she had made it very clear that Nolethando was not available for adoption. Yesterday she told us she had done some “stirring up” down at Durban Children’s Society, and we should not be shocked if we recieve a call from them about her. Oswald Chambers said, “Discernment is for the purpose of intercession.” For the last day we have been praying and thinking about her and her future. Is it with us? She is a year next month and not the newborn bi-racial child we intended on adopting. We are weighing and thinking and open. The phone might not ring today… but someday it will.

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