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Fire, fire, fire!

I have a thing for fireplaces. I have always wanted one, and Ben has always thought that I am insane. Everyone thinks Durban is just so warm and fuzzy (try moldy!) all year round, but really the winters are cold inside the house. So, with winter having set in, I have found my dream fireplace. I was perusing the New York Times Home and Garden section, and there it was! Now I just have to convince Ben that this little floating fireplace made by Focus, a French manufacturer, is just right for us!



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DSC00556I have two major fears in life, making a complete fool of myself and doing it in front of an audience. The life of an actor or model has never been one that I have pined for. This week I dug deep for a friend and got over myself enough to walk in her fashion show. Suddenly I was tossed into a world where having your shoulders back, not tripping, remembering your order and doing a good turn are paramount for success. Let me tell you, I don’t think there are very many 30 something models out there strutting down the runway, but I put that thought aside and tried to enjoy myself. Midway through the second show (yeah, there were TWO!) I found that suddenly the world was ok, and I might just be having a little bit of fun. Check out Lou-Lou’s beautiful jewelry here. She’s now taking orders!DSC00565

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