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Today we have around 8 men on our property, 2 inside and the rest outside (thank goodness). We are trying to make our place look great before the arrival of baby number two. I think my “nesting” instinct may have gotten the better of me, and now we are overwhelmed with workers! I am the one who wanted these people here, that’s what I have to keep reminding myself! Trees are coming down (more like obstructing light inhibiting water sucking bushes), the inside of the house is being re-painted in part, the outside is being washed, and plumbers are putting a new toilet in the guest quarters.

I must say that I am surprisingly calm, despite the fact that the soothing grey I picked for the baby’s room looks overwhelmingly lilac!  That said, maybe the reason I am calm is that I am leaving the overseeing to Ben and going shopping. Myles is embarrassing us all by wearing pants that are too short for him. It is my mission this morning to hang out with Lou Lou and find some non-embarrassing pants.


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Doula doula.

I really do enjoy saying “doula” two times fast. Has a nice ring to it. The hunt for a doula is on in our house. I am quite certain that Team Carlson will not make it through this birth in a natural manner if we do not have a third team member by our side. Last time I was in labour the nurses told me I had half an hour to decide if I wanted an epidural or not. Ben looked at me and immediately said, “Take the drugs!”

It’s not that I am pro-no drugs or anything, I believe in pain relief as much as the next person, but I do know that last time I had the epidural and within 30 minutes Myles’ heart rate was erratic and I was on an operating table.

So, this time, especially considering the fact that last time I had a c-section, we are searching for back-up. I phoned two potentials today, which probably does not seem like a big deal, but I have been putting it off for months. Maybe it makes the birth seem too real or something. Anyhow, I am glad I finally “made contact.”

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Camera Love.

Long awaited for. Much planned for. Finally it arrived on the back of my friend from America, Trish. The Canon EOS 7D is fantastic on so many levels. It was made to be a bridge between the semi-pro (ex 50D) and pro cameras (ex Mark series), and it is the most brilliant camera I have ever owned. I bought one prime lens at the same time, 85mm f/1.8. Perfect for low light conditions. It can capture clear images in a room with barely any artificial or natural light. Named one of the best portrait lenses out there, despite not being that pricey (as far as overpriced camera stuff goes). The only drawback is that 85mm is quite “close” inside our tiny house. I find I often can’t back up far enough to get the shot I want. Anyway, enough camera speak, basically I like it and I think it takes perdy pictures. Can’t wait to buy another lens… or two.


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Well now…

It seems I am the queen of leaving my blog to die a slow painful death at least once a year. Its blog suicide, really. The minute I get overwhelmed by the ins and outs of life… boom. I freeze, and eliminate. This blog is one of those things that I eliminate. I does not have to be this way, but I find when I am overwhelmed I can never think of anything to say. It has been a problem since childhood. Once, when faced with the bright lights at a piano recital, I completely froze. I was given a multitude of chances to redeem myself and carry on, but I could only try to exit with some composure. Maybe I have something in common with the infamous deer, who is well-known for its habit of freezing in plain sight of its approaching death. All that to say, I am back and not quite so deer-like. In fact now, at 7 and a half months pregnant, I more closely resemble something cuddly and rotund, like a koala bear :)

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