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Baby love.

I have a serious case of baby love. I just love this crazy little baby! He could not be more perfect, and every day I am reminded of how quickly he is growing up. That’s a good reason to go give him more kisses. See yah!


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Beefing Up!

I have decided to beef up my photography skills this year. I want to push myself to be a better photographer and to actually understand the hunk of metal I love so much. I don’t always “get” photography… ISOs and f-stops and shutter speeds oh my! I am trying, despite all the gall darn lingo, to really understand what makes a photograph great, and what it takes to create something great. When people are involved in this process it is really challenging for me. People are tricky and fast and silly and difficult to work with… which is why I have been offering friends free family sessions left and right. My friends Thabz and Sizwe were my latest guinea pigs. I made a MILLION mistakes, and I want a re-shoot, but I learned a heck-of-a-lot. Thanks Thabisa, Sizwe and lovely ladies for spending the morning with me.

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Amen, Hallelujah, Spin!

The birth of our second son, Neo, has pushed me out the door (literally) in an attempt to get back into shape. Yesterday I attended my first ever spin class. I was totally unprepared for how much spinning resembled a charismatic church service. Whenever I walk into a church that seems like it’s a part of the charismatic movement, I start a little checklist in my head. I was amazed to find that the same checklist applies to spinning class. Are people shouting. Check. Did someone share a prophetic word? Check. Yesterdays was, “You can do it girls, c’mon!” Are people about to fall over? Check, check on that one! Are people moving with the music? Check. Is the room just a little bit eerie and “dimmed” in preparation of a spiritual encounter? Check. Is the audience participating? Check. Yesterdays class was full of the cyclists shouting, “Wew!” “Yeah!” “Amen!” “C’mon!” “Take us there!” “Climb, girls, climb!”

The parallels are uncanny. The only major difference is that obviously one seeks God and the other the mecca of physical fitness. I felt yesterday as if I was not just attending a class, but that we really were all climbing that difficult hill together. I was a member, not a participant. So much so that I almost shouted “amen” at one point. The only thing that stopped me is, well, at a charismatic church I’m ┬áthe girl in the back row who is so distracted by all the goings on that I don’t participate, I people watch. Ugh, well, I’m out to lift weights with the hot moms… I’ll tell you about them another time.

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