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It’s true. Coffee guy is my ULTIMATE hero, but Krystal Mullenberg sure does take the cake right out of his hands. She allowed ME to shoot a wedding with her and learn all her wedding shooting ways. I’m smitten. Here’s a few pics.

You can view more pics from the day on Krystal’s blog or on her facebook page. Thanks again Krystal!

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A little fly

I rented a Macro lens (100mm/f2.8) for the weekend. What I love about this lens is that it has the ability to transform the normal into a beautiful detail rich wonder land. I found some mushrooms, began to focus, and noticed this tiney tiny little fly perched on top of one. He made me smile.

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My coffee guy and I just made the flight from Durban, South Africa to Minneapolis, USA where we are hoping to spend a lovely summer looking at our toes and eating ice cream.

Here’s how that looked…

4 airports

2 babies

1 cranky husband

30 pounds of carry on luggage

0 hours of sleep

30 hours in transit

TAH DAH! We’re here or there or where ever. Where are we again?

I’m not really sure.

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