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Ok, that was cheesy, but it is all I can think of at this hour! I ran into (literally) these fuzzy butt bees during a hike alone in Colorado. I WAS ALONE (an young mom’s dream!) for two and a half hours in an absolutely blissful place. I thought and prayed and shot around… and came to terms with the idea that it seems we may soon be relocating our little nest.

9 years ago

2 babies moved to South Africa

they grew up


learned to love


found a family


were nurtured


1 million adventures later

they had

babies of their own


they are all


they are all


they are changed forever.


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O’Donnell Love

Meet the O’Donnells.

I love these people.

They live in Japan and they remind me of us.

“Get up and move there” sort of people.

They have the cutest little men.

Ezra, 9 months and Jones 3 years.

Jones is just as adventurous and strong and “out there” as Myles.

It was great to finally meet a mom in America who’s three year old is as energetic as mine!

Thanks for the talks and the time Bryan and Jamie.

It’s been a joy.

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I am so excited. This morning I finally did it. I placed my order for this Kelly Moore bag.

Now I just have to WAIT for it to arrive.

That’s the hard part!

Thanks to Natalie Norton for introducing me to the ultimate camera bag.

If you are a wanna be photog like me, go to Natalie’s workshop. Seriously.

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That’s right folks… straight out of the camera, cuz who has time to edit photos when they are traveling with two small babes?Not me! So with these, what you see is what you get. Any photos with a brown haired chicadee in them were taken by Coffee Guy. Also, photos that look like they put my camera at risk (ie taken out of a CAR WINDOW on a dangerous road) were also taken by Coffee Guy. And by the way, Pikes Peak, we love you. 

Me: Yay, look! Neo can sit all by himself!

Coffee Guy: Guess not, honey!

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Did I mention…

We are in Colorado. At Glen Eyrie. Soaking up the beauty around us and hangin out with other families who live our lifestyle… born in one country, living life in another.

p.s. betcha anything incoming traffic stops for them!

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berry pickin’

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I love yah. I really do.

Thanks for all the laughs (hehehe).

The gorgeous kids.

And for being the best man I know.

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