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Hi there.

Coffee Guy is MCing this event for like the bah-zillionth time in a row. He always comes home after its over with no voice. It’s so much fun to hang out with the Durban baristas and shop owners as they compete for the regionals win. I used to be a Durban coffee shop owner, but I gladly opted out two years ago and picked up a camera instead. I still cheer hard for the guys though!

This is Dirk. We taught him how to make coffee when he was just a baby. Now he’s a big shot.

See, big shot.

Smiling while the judges look on. Acting like a… big shot.

Fancy pants big shot… Here’s his “coffee daddy” and current boss, lookin’ nervous for him.

Yeah, enough with the big shots. How about tuckered out babies!

And pretty coffee equipment!

And coffee…

View em all (oh yeah, there’s more!) on Flickr.



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Superhero coffee taster

The week before we go back to South Africa, Coffee Guy will be taking a Q cuppers course. This is a big deal. There are only 800 Q cuppers in the world. Basically, as I understand it, a Q cupper is a superhero style coffee taster. They have superhero taste buds and have developed enough skill that they can use their Q super powers at a moments notice. That’s what I am going to tell my three year old anyway.

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A few weeks ago I got my first photo credit… like ever. Not a big deal at all actually, because pretty much any Tom, Dick or Harry can catch themselves one from the lake of “right place right time… with a camera.” Despite that anyone can do it, it still made me puff out my chest and walk around town all proud like for about five minutes. Check out my pics of the beautifully lit, immensely historic, gorgeous smelling Colombo Coffee  here.

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