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Only Four Sleeps

In the Carlson house we make charts with boxes on them to count the “sleeps” until big events. Right now the chart on the refrigerator is “sleeps until Aunty Thobe comes to stay.” Thobe is our right hand woman, and Myles’ best friend. She is going to be staying with Myles while we are in Burundi, surveying the land. Right now she has her head buried in a mountain of paperwork plus a big exam looming on Monday. I am hoping she has the energy to keep up with Myles for a week! A week. It’s such a long time to be away. I know they will be fine… but a week? They will be fine. EVERYTHING will be fine.

Thobe loves to laugh, that’s her on the right with our other right hand woman Lou-Lou. Maybe you can’t have two right hand women, so Lou-Lou is our left hand woman? Left because she moved away and LEFT us and went far to the LEFT of us, to Cape Town. Huh, I could do this LEFT thing all day. Ok, so lets start over. That’s Lou-Lou on the LEFT. She LEFT us for Cape Town. Cape Town is to the LEFT of Durban and wouldn’t you know it, Lou-Lou is LEFT handed. No she’s not, that’s a lie. I’m sorry. She is always eating our LEFTovers when she’s here though. We make everyone eat leftovers. It’s a rule.

Have a good day!




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One Sunday mornings we are a bunch of heathens before church. We shoot far too many monsters with our spider webs. We take giraffes on wild rides, and sometimes our pirate ship overtakes unsuspecting vessels. Then we go to church and get ourselves right with God. Amen.

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It’s open season!

At our swimming pool, that is. Myles declared the swimming season open today by taking a spontaneous swim in his shorts. Shorts which, earlier, he had decided worked best backwards, because then he could use the back pocket as a front pocket. Ingenious genes, egh? As Myles dove in and we encouraged him and clapped for him, Coffee Guy and I looked at each other similar thoughts in our lovely heads. Our thoughts were something like,”I wouldn’t do that… but hey, he’ll live.” Clearly, Myles is the brave one in the family, plus he has all those “turn your shorts around to better use the pocket” genes. It is still a bit chilly in the pool, but the air is warming up nicely. Soon we will have the full blown knock-your-socks-off-and-put-your-hair-in-a-ponytail-before-you-sweat-to-death kind of summer that I love on our hands.

I really have no idea what great skill Coffee Guy is attempting to impart to his offspring here… but it all came tumbling down.

She’s a lazy bum, but she can’t help it. It’s in her nature. As I was thinking about Ella’s lazy bum, I saw something flash past… and in he went. Officially opening the summer of 2010 swimming season at The Carlson House.

Don’t worry… he’ll make it. He likes the doggy paddle. Looks scary, but it gets him around.

Not a parent in sight.

Oh look, there’s one… pushing his offspring in!

They look so cute when they’re wet.

Then there was some “surf stance” practice.

Just stick out that belly and ride the wave in. I did tell you earlier about the shorts, right? Anyway…

Eat your heart out Northern Hemisphere folks.



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My one weakness

I LOVE getting mail. I really really do. So much so that when we got back to South Africa after three months in America, I sent myself mail to cheer myself up. Most of the time I don’t even let myself wander onto Etsy because there will be ten thousand things I want and shouldn’t buy. That said, I had been wanting to get a very small necklace with my boys initials on it for some time. I wanted something I could wear every day that would be so small I would almost forget that it was there. Something that wouldn’t get pulled at and tugged off. Lauri at The Hummingbird Nest had my answer!

This makes the tags look like a “normalish” size, which is why, just for you, because I love yah, I took a picture of myself. I hate pictures of myself, as a general rule. I am not being a melodramatic girl either, I just don’t like ’em. Of course, I had to apply the “Prettyizer” action, and several others, from Totally Rad Actions in Photoshop first. Normally don’t like to use a bucket load of actions. Nuf said.

I am in love with the necklace. The hand stamped pouch it came in, the note Lauri wrote me. Mail is my one weakness.



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He used to hate me. Shut me out of his room. Wrestle me to the ground and keep me there until I cried, “mercy!” He ignored me and picked on me and was generally really mean to me whenever he had a spare moment. Look, even In this photo he looks like he’s about to break my camera, wrestle me to the ground, sit on me, and then fart on my head.But today he won a fancy really important award, so today he is cool. But just for the day. My brother, copywriter guy Brett Knutson, just won a Radio Mercury Award for his Fatpants campaign (click to have a listen). Apparently this makes lots of other copywriting people very jealous, because they toil for years on end and never get the fancy really important award, but my brother did… after less than a year in his current position. So there, nah na nah na na you toiling copywriters. That was uncalled for, sorry. My childhood is rushing back all at once. I’m just really proud of my mean big brother… who has a cool pass, just for today.

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