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I hope it’s a great one for you and yours!

I’m taking a holiday from this lovely blog to spend some time with my hooligans, but I’ll be back after Christmas… once I’ve stuffed myself with turkey, gotten a suntan (cuz… yikes, do I need one), read a good book (yeah, right), dreamt of snow, and chased a tiny superhero around the yard.

Here’s to happy messes!




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Beginning to Boil!

With just one full day left until we depart for Burundi my head is swimming with details! I’m making schedules for the babysitter and writing her long lists of things that she already knows, because she has known Myles since birth, and stayed in our house a BAH-zillion times (like every time we go jet setting to the States for months at a time). She knows our house, our dog, our kids…. but I’m writing her letters, sonnets really, of information anyway.

Then I’m packing for Neo keeping in mind Malaria, unclean water, heat, cold, sun, wind, hills, city… you get the picture. And we are only taking carry ons. wouldn’t you like to see THAT? I would too!

Crossing fingers that we’ll take off with the plane!



p.s. My friend told me today to check into whether or not there is dry dog food in Burundi because she know we are planning on taking our Great Dane if we move there. My first thought? You are KIDDING ME, right? No dog food? Her answer: Probably not, hun!

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Sushi Saturday

We are on the verge of a split up! Our little family will barely be together for two full weeks beginning Tuesday. So, today we went to the beach. We never go to the beach, and after being there for an hour we realized why. By the time we got everything packed, got the kids loaded, got them unloaded, got the stuff unloaded, said hi to the people we randomly ran into, and walked to the beach… Blobby Baby Neo got sand in his eyes and we were ready to call it a day and head to lunch. That’s just what we did. Turned our tails around, and walked a couple of feet to the restaurant.

When Myles found out he could have sushi for lunch he shouted out, “SUUUUUUUUSHHHHHIIIIIIIII!” at the top of his lungs. I can’t remember when his love affair for raw fish started, but it’s definitely his favorite treat of choice. Nigiri, California rolls, sashimi… you name it, he loves it. I should mention that our pocket-book would not be able to keep up with his fish-loving habits if we lived in the U-S-of-A. Luckily, for us, having sushi in South Africa doesn’t involve having your house repossessed. Just call it another one of South Africa’s perks. I love you South Africa, I really really do.

That’s all folks!



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Only Four Sleeps

In the Carlson house we make charts with boxes on them to count the “sleeps” until big events. Right now the chart on the refrigerator is “sleeps until Aunty Thobe comes to stay.” Thobe is our right hand woman, and Myles’ best friend. She is going to be staying with Myles while we are in Burundi, surveying the land. Right now she has her head buried in a mountain of paperwork plus a big exam looming on Monday. I am hoping she has the energy to keep up with Myles for a week! A week. It’s such a long time to be away. I know they will be fine… but a week? They will be fine. EVERYTHING will be fine.

Thobe loves to laugh, that’s her on the right with our other right hand woman Lou-Lou. Maybe you can’t have two right hand women, so Lou-Lou is our left hand woman? Left because she moved away and LEFT us and went far to the LEFT of us, to Cape Town. Huh, I could do this LEFT thing all day. Ok, so lets start over. That’s Lou-Lou on the LEFT. She LEFT us for Cape Town. Cape Town is to the LEFT of Durban and wouldn’t you know it, Lou-Lou is LEFT handed. No she’s not, that’s a lie. I’m sorry. She is always eating our LEFTovers when she’s here though. We make everyone eat leftovers. It’s a rule.

Have a good day!



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A Dennis named Myles

Yesterday was a cracker day at the Carlson house! You know how Mr. Wilson is always yelling, “DENNIIIIIIIIIIIS” at top of his lungs, meanwhile Dennis is flying off to his next mishap. I was Mr. Wilson yesterday, and Myles (numero uno) was Dennis. While Myles was supposed to be napping, he was in fact collecting all my make-up to use as paint in his room. It does need a little re-sprucing in there, but this really was not what I had in mind. My BRAND NEW foundation was his colour of choice, and my eye shadow brush made a really good paintbrush. He went to town. His sheets. His floor. His chalkboard. He decided that the best place for my mascara was on himself, and he plastered his eyebrows to his forehead with it. When I discovered him, he ran faster than I have ever seen his scoot, and I screamed. Mostly at the sheer shock of it all! It was like, “Ahhhhhh! Myles! Ahhhhhhh! No… you didn’t! Ahhhhh! You DID! Ahhhh!”

I was too angry yesterday to even think about cleaning everything up, but today I could see the humor in it. A little bit of humor. A teeny tiny crumb of humor. Humor so small it barely even looks like a smirk.

I just keep thinking about one day long ago when I was pregnant with zygote Myles. Ben, with an ear pressed to my belly, whispered a prayer that Myles would be a creative soul full of new ideas. Sometimes I wish I could re-wind time, stop Ben mid-prayer, and put some conditions on it. Conditions like, “Except when he wants to paint his room in my make-up!” and “Unless he wants to unwind an entire toilet roll to get to the core (everybody knows a pirate’s telescope lies at the center of a toilet roll, right?).”

If you pray, pray for me!



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What would your caption be?

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Today I had this conversation with my four year old.

Myles (aka Trouble #1, acronym T1): I was thinking… Should we call baby Neo something else?

Me: Like what?

T1: Instead of calling him Baby Neo, lets call him Konkie.

Me: But his name is Neo.

T1: (Long sigh while shaking head) I know.

And by the way, I can’t believe he is FOUR and I am having “full on” conversations with him. Just the other day he was toddling around looking like this (I took this picture before I had my big girl camera, but it’s about the moment folks).

What happened?

Somebody explain it to me. I’m off to cry myself to sleep while thinking about the passage of time. Ohh, better yet, while reading A Wrinkle In Time which is one of my favorite books and on my I-can’t-believe-I-never-read-this-as-a-kid-but-at-least-I’m-reading-it-now list.

He can even point a camera in the right direction (gulp).

photo cred: T1 aka Myles

I’m a mess. Thanks for hangin’ in there with me.



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