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A Dark Land.


We the people of South Africa are in the midst of an energy crisis. Our major electricity supplier, Eskom,  did not forsee back in 1994 that the majority of black households in this country would be using electricity in 2008. This lack of foresight has led to a major lack of electricity. We are subjected to “load shedding” every day. Twice a day our power is turned off for several hours at a time. You can imagine how this is impacting our businesses and economy. Not to mention the inconvenience involved, and the traffic nightmares. When will Eskom get it’s act together? In the words of the Zulus, “Eish, Angazi!” Which means, “Hey bro don’t push me on this, I have no idea!” In the meantime, we have no power.


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Play school

Well, the time has come for Myles to enter the domain of playing, sharing and being bossed around by bigger kids. He will be attending play school in February. He has been my constant companion for 16 months, the thought of spending half my day without him seems impossible. He has gone everywhere with me. I have changed his diaper on the hood of a car in the township, let him drive the car from my lap in the game park, and let him sip my coffee as I talked with friends. The thought of putting him in someone else’s care is difficult, but the time has come for me to let him go a little. I have decided that the process of motherhood is all about letting go a little bit every so often. Now that I am a mom, I feel as if I will always be torn. When I am not with Myles, I want to be and yet at the same time I am happy at the opportunity to invest in something else for a few hours. img_6434_2.jpg

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